Case Study— Retail/Wholesale Company


This client was a wholesale and retail business in the East Midlands. In 2008 the owners, John & Mary (not their real names because confidentiality is key), recognised that their business was declining and that they had neither the time nor the expertise to tackle this. They approached a System 4Results specialist for help who, because he was impressed by John & Mary’s commitment to make the business better, agreed to produce a Competitor Spy Report™ (CSR) for free and without obligation.

What The CSR™ Showed...

The Competitor Spy Report™ analysed the business and seven of its competitors, produced a league table and then directly compared the business with the ’table-topping’ best performing competitor.

• The business came third in the table
• Neither of the top two had been listed by the owners as being serious competitors
• Although John & Mary were disappointed by their own score, they were excited that the average score was just 11% (yes, 11%)…
• … and the winning score was only 25%
• Like every CSR™ ever produced the report showed massive opportunity for growth for whichever business decided to take advantage.

The Results

Using the recommendations in the CSR™ John & Mary launched a strategy that generated £6137 of profitable extra sales—at no extra cost to the business. They then realised that by joining the System 4Results coaching programme they would make very much more progress than on their own.

The next 12 months produced:-

• An overall 140% increase in sales
• A reduction in discounting and corresponding improvement in profit margin
• A 30% reduction in the hours worked by both John & Mary
• The opportunities to go on holiday
• An entirely better relationship with the bank
• A couple who changed from ‘Oh no, not another day’ to ‘I’m enjoying growing’.

And For Your Business...

The Competitor Spy Report™ Shows You How Your Business Must…

► Realise Who Its Real Competitors Are
► See Who Is Actually Stealing Business From It
► Understand How It Can Fight Back Against Them
► Ensure It Has An Unfair But Ethical Advantage To Beat Them

Because of the quality and quantity of work involved, a CSR™ normally costs £997 - but you can get one for FREE.

Client Comments

“Going through the Competitor Spy Report™ was both embarrassing and very exciting—seeing all the things we could be doing to really grow our business. The first strategy that we implemented generated an additional £6137 in less than four weeks without any additional spend whatsoever. I’m so pleased we said ‘Yes’ to that no obligation report.”

Mary L, Business Owner, East Midlands

“In the last couple of months our weekly takings have been between four and five TIMES what they were before the report.”

John L (Mary’s husband)


If you qualify for a FREE CSR™ (convince us you’re serious about growing your business) we guarantee you’ll see at least SEVEN ways you can grow your business. And if we do decide to work together we also work with no tie-in (kick us out if we don’t deliver!) AND a Money-Back Guarantee...


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