“Don’t Take Our Word For It -
The Results Speak For Themselves”

“I’d soldiered on for over a year, just trying and trying and trying and trying.  Within just an hour of using this system you just look at everything in such a different way.”

Andy Wilkinson, Property Management

“The first strategy we implemented delivered a 2500% return on investment. Our turnover increased by 65% last month compared to the same month last year. I’m so pleased I said ‘Yes’ to that first no-obligation report and am looking forward to launching more System 4Results growth strategies into my business going forward.”

Suzanne Wood, Business Owner, Colchester

“The System 4Results specialist analysed what we were doing and quickly produced an action plan based on our business.The phones are now ringing – a dramatic achievement for a recruitment company in the current climate.”

Liz Slade, Recruitment Company Owner

“Tradesmen go into business because of their skill in their trade, not in running a business.  Enquiries are now up 20 to 30%, I have a full team and I’m having to use subcontractors.  From a cashflow point of view I’ve got guaranteed money coming in every week, and I never had that.”

Sean Higgins, Builder

“The big misconception is that marketing, well I can do that.  But I couldn’t do it well.  Things have changed dramatically now because System 4Results was what I needed – without it I wouldn’t be here today.”

David Kellner, Business Owner, Bedfordshire

“In the time we have been working with Colin he has already shown us over 60 clear ways to improve our profits - many involving no or little cost. The first strategy he introduced produced £3,300 in just the first four weeks. I am excited about working with Colin and know we are now going in the right direction.”

Ray Simpson, Service Business Owner, UTS, Durham

“We were using all the traditional ways to try to grow, but the response was inconsistent.  System 4Results made us think more about what we were doing and now we’ve not only got more clients, they’re better quality clients. It’s changed everything we do, for the better”

Richard Brewin, Accountant, Derbyshire

“80% of our business used to come from one customer and it couldn’t go on.  Now we have 50 different customers – we wouldn’t be here without this help.”

Trudi Burn, Steel Fabricators

“Going through the Competitor Spy Report was both embarrassing and very exciting—seeing all the things we could be doing to really grow our business.  The first strategy that we implemented generated an additional £6137 in less than four weeks without any additional spend whatsoever.  I’m pleased we said ‘Yes’ to that no-obligation report...”

Cindy Watkins, Tres Oak Furniture, East Midlands

“…in the last couple of months our weekly takings have been between four and five TIMES what they were before the report.”

Ian Watkins, Tres Oak Furniture, East Midlands

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